Welcome to HTML5!

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is simply the underlying computer language used to bring you this website. HTML5 is the latest and greatest in web design and development technology, and allows us to deliver a rich experience to you, the user.

That sounds great! Why do you have a whole web page about it?
HTML5, like human languages, isn't spoken by everyone, meaning all web browsers. We've taken steps to make sure that the majority of our users get the best browsing experience possible, including those users whose browsers don't "speak" HTML5.

How do I know if my browser doesn't "speak" HTML5?
Firefox 3.6, and Internet Explorer versions 6 through 8 might encounter problems. Again, you should still have browsing functionality, but you may not be able to take advantage of the entire content-rich experience.

What can I do to have the best browsing experience?
First, see how your browser scores in HTML5 compatibility by checking out html5test.com. Want to switch to an HTML5-friendly browser? Check out browsingbetter.com. If you really like using Internet Explorer, and can upgrade to IE9 (although you have to be running Windows 7), check out the upgrade info from Microsoft.

I really like using Internet Explorer 6; My school's/company's IT department mandates we use Internet Explorer 7 and doesn't allow downloads of other browsers.
We've done our best to make our site friendly to older browsers using many different tools. However, if you encounter a problem while you are browsing, fill out the form below, so we can try and address issues specific to your problem.